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Facts and Information

City: Porto Alegre, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Capacity: 56,000 attendants.

Official name: Estádio José Pinheiro Borda.
Origin of the name: Jose Pinheiro Borda was a fan of Internacional SC who worked diligently to build the stadium; very few people call the stadium by this name, though.
The stadium is known all across Brazil as the Beira Rio, which means "by the river". As the image shows, the stadium is located at the banks of River Guaiba (actually, a lake).

This stadium is privately owned by Internacional (besides Beira-Rio, only two other stadia of the World Cup 2014 are privately owned: Arena Itaquera and Arena da Baixada).
Internacional was champion of the FIFA Club World Cup 2006, hence the inscription "Campeão do Mundo" (World Champion) at the facade of the stadium.

In Porto Alegre, there was a discussion which didn't happen anywhere else in Brazil: which stadium should host the matches of the Cup.
The other important club in Porto Alegre is Gremio FBPA (Porto Alegre is the only city in the World with two World Champions teams), and the rivalry between Inter and Gremio is unparalleled, even in Brazil.
Gremio is building a new arena, the Arena Gremio, which many say would fit best to the World Cup, and is in a more advanced stage of construction (Inter is struggling with banks to get funds to invest in Beira Rio).
Gremio bidded to be the host, but the reasons why Inter was chosen were not revealed; given the delays in the Beira-Rio, Gremio lobbied to host matches in Arena Gremio; if not the World Cup, at least the matches of the Confederations Cup, in 2013.
Update, December 2012: the Arena Gremio was completed in December, sooner than any other stadium of the World Cup Brazil (see more info further below); however, even so, it was not confirmed as host of any of the FIFA events.

Design, architecture and engineering:  Hype Studio; Santini e Rocha Arquitetos; Simom Engenharia.
Total area: 305.470 m²
Constructed area: 171.082 m²

Estimated cost:  R$ 290 million; because the stadium is privately owned, costs tend to be lower, but fewer details about the contracts will be disclosed.

Matches and Teams

Porto Alegre will host five matches of the World Cup 2014.
Nine teams will play in Porto Alegre (one team will certainly play twice). Teams are not known yet, but it is certain that the Brazilian team will not play in Porto Alegre.

Matches of World Cup Brazil in Porto Alegre:
June 15th 2014 (Sunday):
June 18th 2014 (Wednesday):
June 22nd 2014 (Sunday):
June 25th (Wednesday):
June 30th (Monday):

Map of Beira-Rio Stadium

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More photos of Beira-Rio Stadium

Above: artistic image of the new Beira Rio, as presented by the designers.
Photo above: January 2012. Very little had been done.
beira-rio-building Above: October 2012 (source); still, very little had been done. Like the other two privately owned stadiums of the World Cup (Itaquerão and Arena da Baixada), the Beira-Rio is delayed because Internacional, the owner, is taking the necessary precautions to obtain the fundings (private stadiums know they will have to pay back the loans, whereas public stadiums can always "renegotiate" the bills). Update: only in December 2012, after long talkings, did Internacional reached an agreement with BNDES, the official bank which will provide funds to finish the works.
Above: December 8th 2012, inauguration of Arena Gremio, one of the most modern arenas in Latin America.
Gremio and Internacional (owner of Beira-Rio) are the two major teams in Porto Alegre (there is no clear superiority between them). It was never revealed why FIFA chose Internacional over Gremio as the host of the World Cup in Brazil.
Had FIFA chosen Gremio, today one of the stadiums of the Cup would already be finished.

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